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Denise Diana Huddle
(TX License #A-07941)

Denise received her geology degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982.  She worked as an independent petroleum landman for 13 years before getting her private investigator’s license in 1995.  During her time as a landman, Denise examined titles, bought and sold oil and gas leases and minerals, cured title, and located missing landowners for her colleagues. As a private investigator, Denise has located hundreds of missing landowners, supported oil and gas and real estate related litigation, and managed complex curative projects involving over 100 descendants in a single chain. Denise has done extensive genealogical research across the United States since shortly after her graduation from UT, specializing the location of missing individuals last known between 1850 and 1940.

Sherry Arrant

Sherry is a highly sophisticated genealogical researcher with over 40 years of research experience.  She brings her years of training and experience in a variety of aspects of genealogical research to the Aardvark team.  Sherry has an exhaustive and constantly evolving understanding of the location and content of data sources available for genealogical research.  She examines these data sources with an extensive and well-developed set of research techniques.  Sherry is experienced in cluster genealogy (a philosophy of genealogical research techniques based on the idea that familial relationships are driven in large part by geographic proximity.)  Sherry is a nationally sought-after expert in the documentation of Native American heritage for those seeking tribal membership and benefits.  She is highly proficient in tracking women in the genealogical record, as well as in the use and manipulation of historical newspaper archives.
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